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Who we are Chance Hydraulics Co., Ltd. was established in 2009 and designated as a professional manufacturer of hydraulic pump,valves,coolers in China.On the basis of the key equipments of high-precision CNC rotor slot grinding machine, high-precision CNC stator profile grinding machine, vertical machining centre, fully-automatic intelligent testing equipment, etc,we offer high quality products and seek development with innovation,develop mechanical products of high-tech level and high...


    • Manual Hydraulic Directional Control Valves

      Manual Hydraulic Directional Control Valves

      -We are leading manufacturer and supplier of manual directional control valve in China, specializing hand operated directional control valve.
      -Manual hydraulic directional control valves are used to control the flow direction of oil in the hydraulic system or to adjust its flow and pressure. The directional control valve is used as a kind of hydraulic valve. The flow path is used to control the flow direction of the oil.
      -It is the most widely used and most active part (component) in hydraulic technology. Manual hydraulic directional control valve is designed for shifting the spool position and change the direction of oil flow by manually.

    • VQ High Pressure Vane Pump

      VQ High Pressure Vane Pump

      The high pressure resistant composition vane pumps with high performance are developed for engineering machinery application,especially for walking machinery.The main fetures are as follows:
      1. Adopt the structure of hydraulic balancing composition vanes,making the resistant pressure higher to maximum 21Mpa.
      2. Adopt the structure of floating side plate supporting with its function of automatic tolerance compensation,which helps to get pressure balance and high performance under high rotation speed and high pressure.

    • Hydraulic Power Unit For Work Platform Elevator

      Hydraulic Power Unit For Work Platform Elevator

      This kind of hydraulic power unit for work platform elevator is designed for electric work platform and supplies the function of up and down. Quantitative pressure compensation throttle would keep going down steadily.
      Some applications are as follows; dump trailers, electric sanitation trucks, snowplows, telescopic logistics equipment, like the dock leveler, car tailgates, wing trucks, electric pushcarts, and electric pallet lifts. Other uses include car lifts, scissor lifts, electric operating tables, and special equipment on elevators.

    • Hydraulic Power Station For Heavy Industry

      Hydraulic Power Station For Heavy Industry

      A hydraulic power unit is usually composed of hydraulic pump, electric motor, oil tank, manifold block, valves, electric box, filter, cooler, pressure gauge, oil temperature gauge, etc. Hydraulic power unit (hydraulic power pack) is widely applied in nearly every corner of industry all around the world. Hydraulics remains the first choice of power transmission for a vast array of different equipments.
      Our company supplies a variety of non-standard hydraulic power units (hydraulic power packs), typically used in metallurgical industry, welded steel pipe mill, mining industry, marine industry, construction industry, etc. We design the hydraulic systems according to customers' specific requirements.