Hydraulic Air Heat Exchanger

Hydraulic Air Heat Exchanger

Hydraulic Air Heat Exchangers are composed of core,fan,and iron shell.

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Hydraulic Air Heat Exchangers are composed of core,fan,and iron shell.

1. Core

The main body of heat exchanger is a core body, which adopts vacuum brazing, aluminum material as raw material and plate-fin structure, which is often called aluminum plate-fin heat exchanger. The plate-fin heat exchanger is mainly composed of a partition plate, a fin, a seal and a baffle. The two adjacent partitions are formed by a pair of fins, baffles and seals, which are called channels. A plurality of such interlayers are sequentially stacked, brazed into a whole to form a bundle, with a head, a nozzle, Support is formed. The advantages are: high reliability and the possibility of leakage; the fin has both heat transfer and support, so the strength is high; the weight is light, the heat exchange area is large, the heat dissipation effect is good; the application range is wide, and the utility model can be widely used for gas- Liquid and liquid-liquid heat exchange.


2. Fan

There are two types of fans: DC and AC. They can be divided into two types: suction and air. The fan of our Heyida is generally in the form of suction, because the form of suction is more efficient for wind, the air volume is more concentrated, and the heat dissipation is faster. Of course, if the user needs a fan in the form of a blower, it can be notified in advance, we can make another order. In addition, hydraulic motor fans and explosion-proof motors or other high-power fans can be customized.


3. Iron shell

The iron shell is the part that connects the heat exchange core and the fan, and is the "bridge" of the core and the fan, and it also protects the core. The color of our iron shell is mainly yellow, blue and black. The mature spraying technique makes the iron shell effective anti-corrosion and the appearance is smooth and bright. Moreover, the design is reasonable, and the iron shell is provided with a wind guiding ring, so that the air volume is more concentrated, and the cooling effect of the cooler is better.

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