Hydraulic Valve Manifold

Our hydraulic valve blcoks are matched with Yuken series valves of various models.Valve blocks can be made according to customers' drawing.

Product Details

We are a professional manufacturer in design and manufacture Hydraulic Manifold,hydraulic manifold for hydraulic valves.

Hydydraulic Valve Manifold is used to adjust the pressure,the volume,and the direction.It's uniquely designed with high quality and performance.Our factory can produce various kinds of vehicles hydraulic valve manifold,hydraulic block valves.


Aluminum,Cast ductile iron.

Advanced measuring and testing equipment:

Projecting apparatus,roughness tester,hardness tester,concentricity tester,CNC processing center.

Surface Treatments Available:

Polishing,nickel plating,zinc plating,chrome plating,powder coating


CNC processing and vertical machine to ensure high precision.

Looking forward to your valuable enquiries with detailed specification. We are honored to have your attention and meet your need. We will submit our competitive offer ASAP.

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Hydraulic Manifold for Hydraulic Valves

Hydraulic Manifold for Hydraulic Valves

Aluminum Hydraulic Valve Manifold for Hydraulic Valves

Aluminum Hydraulic Valve Manifold for Hydraulic Valves

Hydraulic Valve Manifold for Mini Power Pack

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