Plate Heat Exchanger

Air heat exchangers are used in hydraulic system, lubrication system, air compressor,engineering machinery,constrcution machinery, power system, transmission oil cooling system, ship, vehicle engine water tank and other fluid cooling system.

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We are leading manufacturer and supplier of Plate Heat Exchanger China, specializing in making hydraulic oil cooler, air/oil heat exchanger and auto radiator, as well as offering hydraulic system and accessories. Our heat exchangers can be applied on the cooling system of oil drainling and oil returning,with various installation ways.

We are able to produce types of standard and customized heat exchangers,oil coolers,radiators and so on.By using high quality aluminum material of light weighted,anti-vibration and high heat exchanger efficiency,as well as the plated-fin structure to increase the heat exchanger area and accelerate the thermal conductivity our products perfectly achieve the cooling effect based on low cost and high efficiency.

We can accept ODM and OEM order,welcome to inquiry us and cooperate with us.


Max Flow:50Lpm up to 1000Lpm.

Motor power:AC220V/380V,DC12/24V,hydraulic motor

Thermostat is optional


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Plate Fin Heat Exchanger Supplier

Plate Fin heat exchanger Supplier

Plate Heat Exchanger SupplierSupplier


Plate heat exchanger for wind power

For Wind Power

plate heat exchanger for garbage compression vehicle.jpg

For garbage compression vechile

hydraulic oil cooler for CNC grinding machine.jpg

For CNC grinding machine


Plate Heat Exchanger with Fan

With Fan

Customized Plate Heat Exchanger


Plate Heat Exchanger for Hydraulic Crance

For hydraulic crane 

Based on years of experience, fluent communication and professional quality control, we guarantee on time

response, on time delivery and cost saving to meet customers' expectation on plate heat exchangers.

Should you have any requirements,please feel free to contact with us.

Whatsapp:86138 1635 9419

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