Choice of Hydraulic pump: four Taboos

- Dec 09, 2017-

First, in the selection of hydraulic pump, not according to the applicable occasions.
Different types of hydraulic pumps, their own role is different, have their own characteristics, in general, dual-acting vane pump and limited-pressure variable vane pump is mainly used in the hydraulic system of machine tools, and because of the strong resistance to pollution of gear pump, so most of them are used in road construction machinery, port machinery and small-scale engineering machinery Plunger pump is used in large load, power of the occasion, the different kinds of pump products, the main target for the occasion is different, this must pay attention to ensure that in different occasions to choose the right product.

Second, in the selection of hydraulic pump, ignoring the flow of hydraulic pump can be reconciled variable control mode.
Many pump products have a quantitative pump, but also variable pump, and the form of variable is also a lot of, including constant pressure, constant flow, multilevel variables, constant power and total power regulation. In addition, there are many kinds of variable control methods, including manual, mobile, electric, hydraulic and electro-hydraulic, as well as direct control and servo valve control. Choose according to your own needs.

Third, in the selection of hydraulic pump, did not notice the difference between parallel pump and series pump.
Gear pump and vane pump can be made of several pumps in parallel, can form the same drive shaft of the double or triple pump, can also be connected into multi-stage pump, in general, the multiple pump has a suction port, a number of oil outlet, multiple pump can be used in a working cycle, the flow of hydraulic system changes very large circumstances. You should also pay attention to this when choosing a hydraulic pump.

Four, in the selection of hydraulic pump, ignoring the system to the other requirements of the hydraulic pump.
In the selection of hydraulic pumps, there are still many factors to consider. Weight, price, service life, reliability, the installation of hydraulic pump, the connection of hydraulic pump with the original motive, the form of axial extension of hydraulic pump (Ping, spline), the ability to withstand a certain radial load, the connection form of oil port, etc. are all factors to be considered, also can not be neglected.