The difference between engineering hydraulics and industrial hydraulics (non-standard hydraulic stations)

- Jul 22, 2019-

1. General-purpose machinery usually has a large flow rate, no need to consider the space occupied, and the selection range of pumps and valves is wide. The hydraulic components of construction machinery are small in size and high in efficiency. Energy conservation, high efficiency, and reduced heat are also required. The selection range is narrow and the price is high. Take the cartridge valve as an example. In recent years, the construction machinery hydraulic system has applied a large number of threaded cartridge valve integrated valve blocks. The pilot drive and slide valve of the cartridge valve are all in one valve body, compared with the superimposed electromagnetic reversing valve, the volume is only 1/3 to 1/5. The cartridge valve can be inserted into the oil block, and the stack valve can only Superimposed on the oil block. The integrated valve block for the medical bed cartridge valve can integrate more than 40 cartridge valves, together with the pump motor pack, which is the same size as a 17-inch TV. Dozens of actions of the physiotherapy bed, such as wave swings, can be done. (non-standard hydraulic station)


 2. Engineering machinery hydraulics pay attention to high efficiency, energy saving, pressure compensation, flow compensation, load sensitivity technology is widely used in engineering machinery pumps, motors, multi-way valves, cartridge integrated valves. High efficiency and low heat. (hydraulic valve block)


 3. The price range of the pump motor is too wide, for the valves,the construction machinery adopts liquid-controlled multi-way valve and electro-hydraulic proportional multi-way valve, and the electro-hydraulic proportional control is imported. The multi-way valve consists of an inlet and outlet valve block and a working valve piece.