How to choose Hydraulic Oil filter

- Dec 09, 2017-

(1) Selection of hydraulic oil filter, according to a variety of characteristics of the filter, and combined with a variety of typical hydraulic components and systems of pollution level requirements or filtration accuracy requirements, the system work pressure, oil temperature and oil viscosity, etc. to select the type of filter.

(2) Hydraulic oil filter to have sufficient flow capacity is to refer to a certain pressure down to allow the maximum flow through the filter, should be combined with the filter in the system installation position, according to the filter sample to choose.

(3) Hydraulic oil filter to have a certain mechanical strength, not due to the hydraulic pressure and damage.

(4) for the hydraulic system can not be shut down, you must choose the switch structure filter. Can change the filter without downtime, for the need to plug the alarm of the filter, you can choose the filter with the message device.