Position of hydraulic oil filter in hydraulic system

- Dec 09, 2017-

The position of hydraulic oil filter in the system has a great influence on the effect of pollution control. In the hydraulic system, the filter can be installed in the suction circuit, pressure oil and back circuit, can also be installed outside the main system, the formation of a separate filtration system.

Oil suction Filter: In order to prevent pollutants into the pump, generally in the oil suction port or suction pipe to install oil suction filter.
Pressure Pipeline Filter: The filter installed in the pressure oil circuit, mainly used to protect the pump downstream hydraulic components. As the main filter of the system, its filtration precision should be able to ensure the system to the oil cleanliness requirements. Pressure circuit filter In the pressure difference is not very strict, so you can choose High-precision Filter. The maximum allowable pressure difference is generally 0.35~0.5mpa, the initial pressure difference is 0.07~0.14mpa, the strength of the pressure oil filter must be able to withstand the maximum working pressure and frequent pressure change and peak pressure.

Oil filter: From the installation location, it is ideal to install the filter in the system back circuit, because before the system oil enters the tubing, the filter will be immersed in the system and the particulate pollutant generated in the system is removed, providing the system with clean oil. The return oil filter can adopt the High precision filter, its initial pressure difference General 0.035~0.05mpa, the maximum allowable pressure difference is 0.2~0.35mpa.