Requirements for use of hydraulic gear pumps

- Dec 09, 2017-

When the hydraulic gear pump is installed, the base or bracket celebrates with sufficient rigidity, to make the hydraulic gear pump In addition to the torsional power generated by the shaft rotation, in principle, no longer bear the role of other forces; the different shaft of the joint is not more than 0.05mm; hydraulic gear pump should be in accordance with the direction of rotation calibration, pay attention to the position of the oil inlet and outlet.

Hydraulic system must set the safety valve, the remote, the tank must be dustproof, in order to prevent mud and other debris into the oil and regular cleaning, oil suction pipeline as short as possible, generally not more than 500mm, should be as far as possible. Use less elbow, oil pipeline must not have leakage phenomenon.

Installation Requirements:
The active shaft of the pump is not allowed to withstand the radial and axial forces (such as: the length of the spline sleeve shall not exceed the effective length of the active shaft of the pump when the connection is installed, and the power shaft end and the joint sleeve can not be terminated with the shaft of the gear pump and any axial offset exists

The pump's active shaft and the original motive output axis of the installation coaxial degree must not be greater than 0.05mm, and the pump support installation plane and stop the vertical degree of not greater than 0.05mm. The connection part of the joint sleeve should also ensure the coaxial degree within 0.05mm.

The pump oil suction height is not greater than 0.5m, and the inlet pipe diameter should ensure the flow rate ≤2m/s, that is, the inlet pipe path d≥3.25 (mm), where q is the pump inlet flow Q (l) =q*n.

Pump inlet tubing and flange should not leak.