Selection of hydraulic directional control valve

- Dec 09, 2017-

For the simple structure of ordinary one-way valve, the main attention should be paid to the opening pressure of the rational selection: the lower opening pressure, can reduce the flow through the one-way valve resistance loss; however, for the back pressure valve used in the valve, the opening pressure is higher, to ensure sufficient back pressure. For the liquid-controlled one-way valve, in addition to the relevant precautions, in order to avoid the abnormal vibration and noise caused by the system, we should also pay attention to reasonable selection of its pressure relief mode: When the hydraulic control HCBE cage-type control valve of the exit of the back pressure, it is advisable to choose the external discharge type, other circumstances can be selected internal relief.

For reversing Valve, we should pay attention to meet the requirements of automation and operating cycle, from the manual, mechanical, electromagnetic, electro-hydraulic and other types of rational use of its operation. Correctly select the middle position function of the slide valve type directional valve and grasp its transition quasi state function. For the use of hydraulic lock (double hydraulic control valve) locking hydraulic actuator system, should choose "H", "Y" form the function of the sliding valve type reversing valve, in order to make the reversing valve in the middle, two of the control chamber of one-way valve is all through the tank, to ensure the hydraulic control valve reliable reset and the hydraulic actuator of good locking state.