Coupling Of Hydraulic Pump

- Dec 09, 2017-

Selection of coupling
The hydraulic pump shaft cannot withstand radial and axial forces, so it is not allowed to directly install pulleys, gears and sprockets at the shaft end, usually connected with the drive shaft and pump shaft with the coupling. As a result of manufacturing, pump and coupling with the same shaft, the assembly when there is a deviation, then with the pump speed increase centrifugal force to increase the coupling deformation, large deformation and make centrifugal force increase. Causes the vicious circle, its result produces the vibration noise, thus affects the pump service life. In addition, it is like the coupling pin loose when the fastening, rubber ring wear not timely replacement and other factors.

Assembly Requirements for couplings
The coaxial degree error of the two axes of the rigid coupling is ≤0.05mm.
The coaxial degree error of the two axes of the elastic coupling is ≤0.1mm.
The angular error of the two axes is <1°.
Drive shaft and pump end should keep 5~10mm distance.