Flow Control Of Hydraulic Valve

- Dec 09, 2017-

By adjusting the throttle area between the valve core and the valve body and the local resistance it produces, the flow rate of the actuator is controlled. Flow control valve is divided into 5 kinds by use. (1) Throttle valve: After the throttle area is adjusted, the moving speed of the actuator which can make the load pressure change little and the motion uniformity requirement is basically stable. (2) Speed Control valve: In the load pressure changes can maintain the throttle valve import and export pressure difference is fixed value. In this way, after the throttle area is adjusted, no matter how the load pressure changes, the speed control valve can maintain the flow through the throttle valve, so that the movement speed of the actuator is stable. (3) Shunt valve: Regardless of the load size, can make the same oil source of two components to obtain equal flow of the equivalent shunt valve or synchronous valve, the proportional distribution of the flow of the proportional shunt valve. (4) Set-flow valve: The effect is opposite to the shunt valve, so that the flow into the flow valve is proportionally distributed. (5) Shunt Set Flow valve: Both shunt valve and set flow valve function.