Hydraulic Oil Tank For Hydraulic Pump

- Dec 09, 2017-

Selection of hydraulic oil tank
The main function of the hydraulic oil tank in the hydraulic system is oil storage, heat dissipation, separating the air and eliminating the foam. Choose the tank first to consider its capacity, general mobile equipment to pump the maximum flow of $number times, the fixed equipment takes the $number times, secondly considers the fuel tank oil level, when the system all hydraulic oil cylinder extends out after the fuel tank oil surface must not be lower than the lowest oil level, when the oil cylinder retraction after the oil surface may not be higher than the highest oil level; Finally, consider the fuel tank structure, The conventional tank is not able to precipitate the role of dirt, should be along the oil tank longitudinal axis installation of a vertical clapboard. This partition one end and the fuel tank end plate between the space between the two sides to connect the partition, the hydraulic pump in and out of the oil port is arranged on both sides of the barrier, so that the distance between the oil and back to the farthest, the hydraulic oil tank more than a few heat dissipation effect.

Installation of hydraulic oil tank
According to the different installation location can be divided into the upper, side and down type.

The hydraulic pump is installed on the upper cover plate with good rigidity, and its structure is compact and widely used. In addition, it can cast fins on the casing of the fuel tank to enhance the cooling effect, that is, the service life of the hydraulic pump is improved.

The side-type fuel tank is the hydraulic pump and other devices installed in the tank next to the area, although large, but installation and maintenance is very convenient, usually in the system flow and tank capacity is large, especially when a fuel tank for more than one hydraulic pump for the use of oil. The oil level of the side-type fuel tank is higher than that of the hydraulic pump, so it has good oil absorption effect.

The lower fuel tank is to put the hydraulic pump under the tank, not only easy to install and repair, and the suction capacity of hydraulic pump greatly improved.