Precautions For The Use Of Hydraulic Pumps

- Dec 09, 2017-

1. Check the contact of hydraulic clamp and top cover before use, and the crack of hydraulic clamp body is strictly prohibited.

2. The hydraulic press starts the no-load operation first, inspects each part operation condition, the normal rear may use; When crimping piston rises and falls, the human body must not be located above the crimping pliers.

3. When put into the top cover, must make the top cover and the clamp body completely coincide, strictly forbid in the condition which does not rotate in place to press to connect.

4. The operation personnel of hydraulic pump should cooperate closely with the operation personnel of Crimping pliers, and pay attention to the pressure indication, no load.

5. The safety overflow valve of the hydraulic pump shall not be adjusted arbitrarily, and the overflow valve shall not be unloaded.