Something About Hydraulic Oil Filter

- Dec 09, 2017-

The hydraulic oil quality has a great influence on the working performance of the hydraulic system, the root of many faults originates from it, prevents the oil pollution from installing the hydraulic oil filter in the suitable place, can intercept the pollutant in the oil liquid, can keep the oil liquid clean, and ensure the oil and liquid system to work normally.

Hydraulic oil filter According to filter material can be divided into surface type, depth type and magnetic filter. Their filtration effects on solid contaminants are accomplished by direct interception and adsorption.

The main function of the hydraulic oil filter is to filter the hydraulic fluid, and all kinds of impurities are unavoidable in the hydraulic system. The main sources are: mechanical impurities remaining in the hydraulic system after cleaning, such as strain, cast sand, solder slag, iron filings, paints, paint skin and cotton chips, and so on, outside into the hydraulic system of impurities, such as through the refueling mouth and dust-proof circle into the dust; impurities in the working process, such as fragments of seals that are formed by hydraulic action, The movement makes the metal powder which the relative abrasion produces, the oil fluid produces by the oxidation metamorphism the colloid, the Asphaltene, the cinder and so on. The above impurities mixed with hydraulic oil, with the cyclic action of hydraulic oil, will play a destructive role, seriously affect the normal work of the hydraulic system, such as to make the relative moving parts of the hydraulic components between the small gap (in total) and throttle small holes and gap card dead or blocked; destroy the oil film between the relative moving parts, scratch the gap surface, Increase the internal leakage, reduce the efficiency, increase the heat, aggravate the chemical effect of oil, make oil metamorphism. According to the production statistics, the hydraulic system of the failure of more than 75% is due to mixing impurities in the hydraulic oil caused, so the maintenance of clean oil, prevent oil pollution, the hydraulic system is very important.