Air Cooled Cooler

Air Cooled Cooler

Air Cooled Cooler is widely used in industrial and mobile application for cooling down the fluid in hydraulic system.

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Air Cooled Cooler

We are leading manufacturer and supplier of Hydraulic Air Oil Coolers in China, specializing Air Cooled Oil Cooler,Air Cooled Coolers.

The air-cooled cooler endurance test has a hydraulic test and a pneumatic test. 

1,Water pressure test: hydraulic test is usually carried out with clean water. If other liquids are used as the medium for the pressure test, the medium should be non-hazardous and the temperature should be lower than the boiling point. 

2,Air pressure test: When the structure or support reason can not completely fill the cooler with liquid, or the operating conditions do not allow residual test liquid, the air pressure test can be carried out according to the design regulations.




Power Voltage:AC220V/380V,DC12V/24V,hydraulic gear motor,Customized

IP grade:IP54,IP68

Our Factory:

Air Cooled Cooler for Sugarcane Harvest Machine

For Sugarcane Harvest Machine

Air Cooled Cooler for CNC Machine

For CNC Machine

Air Cooled Cooler for Marine Application

For Marine Application

Air Cooled Cooler Pressure Test

Pressure Test

Air Cooled Cooler Manufacturer


Air Cooled Cooler Factory


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