Aluminum Hydraulic Oil Cooler

Aluminum Hydraulic Oil Cooler

Hydraulic Oil Cooler are widely used for construction machinery and agriculture machinery, compressor, engine industry and commercial vehicle and cars, generator power field, material handling cooling equipment, food chemical industry, dry air separation etc.

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Aluminum Hydraulic Oil Cooler

We are leading manufacturer and supplier of Aluminum Hydraulic Oil Coolers in China, specializing Air Cooled Oil Cooler,Air Oil Coolers.

Hydraulic Oil cooler is generally installed on the oil return line, and the high temperature hydraulic oil is cooled and then flows back to the fuel tank to continue the cycle. Therefore,hydraulic oil cooler is an important part of the hydraulic system and is the umbrella of the hydraulic system.

The hydraulic oil flows out of the tank into the hydraulic working system, then passes through the return line and finally returns to the tank, and the oil temperature rises during the work. In order to prevent the oil temperature from becoming too high and the mechanical work efficiency is lowered, an oil cooler is needed to cool the hydraulic oil to return to the normal working temperature.


Hydraulic Oil Coolers are widely applied for sugarcane harvest machine,CNC machine,drilling rigs,marine,shipping machinery,hydraulic cranes,et.

Hydraulic Oil Cooler Specifications:



Power Voltage:AC220V/380V,DC12V/24V,hydraulic gear motor

IP grade:IP54,IP68

Our Factory:

Aluminum Hydraulic Oil Cooler for Sugarcane Harvest Machine

Hydraulic Oil Cooler for Sugarcane Harvest Machine

Aluminum Hydraulic Oil Cooler for CNC Machine

For CNC Machine

Aluminum Hydraulic Oil Cooler for Marine Application

For Marine Application

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