Hydraulic Oil Cooler With DC12V Motor

Hydraulic Oil Cooler With DC12V Motor

Hydraulic Oil Cooler is widely used in hydraulic station, plastic machinery, construction machinery and agriculture machinery , engineering/construction machinery, lubrication system, air compressor, power system, transmission oil cooling system, ship, vehicle engine water tank and other fluid cooling system.

Product Details

Chance Hydraulics Co.,Ltd. is the superior supplier among bar and plate-fin heat exchanger industry. Since the establishment of Chance Hydraulics, the company has paid great effort in products quality and build up product brand.

With perfect experiments, advanced equipment, experienced research and production team, Chance Hydraulics can provide all the customers a series of service, including product design, kinds of test, samples proof and scale production.

Main Features:

1) To make our products more promising , we have trail for free and 12 months warranty period for full range products.

2) Better bursting pressure: over12.0 MPa.
3) Optimize the internal structure, strengthen the ability to oil and heat transfer efficiency, lengthen the service life more than 30%.
4) Developing unique heat transfer calculation software and providing cost-effective solution.
5) Providing solution in 30 minutes and non-standard customization.
6) A variety of reasonable ways for nuzzling and fixing tube to make it more convenient and good looking.


Q1. What kind of product structure?
Answer: Air oil cooler product is full aluminum plate-fin structure. Regarding the water oil cooler, there 6 types of inner structure. More details, welcome to contact us.

Q2. How to choose suitable oil cooler for the system?
Answer: Customer provides us with system's main technical data, such as oil flow, gas flow, system power, working pressure, oil temperature and air temperature, etc. We will calculate and choose suitable product for you.

Q3. How to place a customized order?
Answer: As a professional and experienced oil cooler manufacturer, we welcome all kinds of customized orders. We are pleasure to be helpful to solve customer’s problems. More details, welcome to contact with us.